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Best Undated: Life & Apples Wellness Planner

What you'll love: This undated 90-day planner works within your schedule and doesn't restrict you to a timeline. Instead, it motivates you to set goals pertaining to your diet and exercise routine with guided prompts for meal planning, workout tracking, and wellness check-ins. There's also a section dedicated to reviewing your week and celebrating your progress. To ensure ease of use, the journal comes with a pen holder, closure band, two bookmarks, custom stickers, and an inner pocket for notes. Rave review: "It's just what I was looking for to provide a holistic focus on losing weight," one Amazon customer began, praising the notebook's "discreet and professional" cover in their review. "I love the end-of-week review section where I can reflect on what worked and what didn't, or where I can improve. Along with my food plan, I lost 5.2 pounds this past week. Planning is the foundation." Best for Nutrition Tracking: NewMe Fitness